Issue in deploying Cascading Drop Down List (With Filter)

Mar 28, 2011 at 3:46 PM


  I find issue in deploying cascading drop down List(With Filter) as I do a backup/restore and the URL I specify will point to my development server and after restore it takes the same URL. I downloaded the source code to change the URL to get only the sites and not the entire URL. Ex : Instead of "http://server1:5050/site1", we can specify "/site1". But I am not able to open the project as it says the type .csproj could not be opened. I tried installing both VS 2005 SP2 and VS 2008 SP2 with C# project too, but did not help out. So, can anyone please change the code to support the backup/restore implementation also?


Thanks in advance,

Krishnan P. R.